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More than you pay for!

Equity Preservation Services provides a full spectrum of property preservation and inspection products, from lawn maintenance to debris removal, winterizations and repairs...but we take it a step further!  In addition to complete digital photos of each job,  we utilize drone technology to provide aerial photos of the roof and lot.  Additionally, we maintain a complete video backup of each property visit, should further documentation ever be needed.  You should know EXACTLY what is being done at your property!

Do you KNOW where your money is going?

As an asset manager, you are taking on the responsibility of protecting and preserving properties you may have never even seen in person.  It is VITAL that you choose a contractor who will paint an honest and complete picture of the property condition, and the work that is being completed.   Don't throw money at reports and repairs  that are incomplete or insufficient.  You need to be sure you KNOW what is happening in your properties!

We are on a mission.

We are on a mission to set a new standard in property preservation contracting.  Today, the standard for reporting is photos.  Each time you send a contractor to a property on your behalf, you are relying on the photos they send to tell the entire story of the property condition, damages and repairs.  What about the pictures that are NOT BEING SENT?  How can you be sure you have seen everything?  Your photos may not tell the whole story, and you may be paying for incomplete services.  Even worse, you may be liable for hazzards and code violations and not even know it.  Equity Preservation Services recognizes this problem, and we have nothing to hide.  We provide complete aerial photos of the full lot and roof,  and video documentation to back up our photos.   In the near future, this will be the new standard, but WHY WAIT?   Contact us now 


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